Overwhelmed with all the moving pieces required to create content online? Let me help you plan out your content monthly and create it for you so all you’ll need to do is finalize each piece of content and post it. It can be that simple!


You’ve been bootstrapping your business for a bit and maybe brought in a couple clients but you’re ready to up your marketing game and create more intentional content. 

Inside of this experience, we will work together to overcome your specific marketing challenges and create a content strategy so you can attract your first high paying client (over 1000USD) and do it again and again. 

It’s perfect for you if you want to be more consistent on social media and you’re looking for support to help you get there. 


New to the online world? Learn  how to create a premium 1:1 offer and create content to attract your first paying client then doing it again and again.

This is exactly what you’ll learn inside of The Ultimate Gram Academy. 

This a group coaching experience for the new business owner who is ready to learn the marketing and business foundations needed to succeed in the online space. 


Running your own group program, live event, course or workshop soon?

Give your clients a more diverse experience by letting me teach or coach them on a specific marketing or business topic. 

This is perfect for you if you are providing a service for aspiring or current online business owners or ambitious individuals.

Read the Testimonials


“I just launched and welcomed 34 new members in one week! My biggest launch to date! 

Leeon helped me prep for the launch! The way that she puts everything together makes it super easy and valuable + I absolutely love working with her. ”


I reached out to Leeon to assist me with the launch of my first ever Mega Camp and I was super impressed. We got 55 new students and the feedback from the campaign was phenomenal.

People were impressed by the quality of information we put out on social media. I enjoyed working with Leeon, she was flexible and highly knowledgeable in her field.


“Working with Leeon was a beautiful experience. I appreciated the simplicity.

It was easy to take actionable steps to develop and advance your business.

I was able to come out of my comfort zone and show up on lives and stories and this attracted 6 new clients. “