This marketing retainer is for you if:

You have a podcast/youtube channel or long form content platform that you want to repurpose to social media but don’t know how. 

You’ve been building your authority and posting content online for a while but it’s not converting into sales

You are extremely good with what you do and simply needs a bit of help communicating it to your ideal people. 

You’re overflowing with content ideas but the thought of executing it all is stressful and overwhelming. 

You simply want to coach/serve your people. Marketing isn’t fun for you but you understand it’s necessary for you to connect with your people. 

You’re tired of doing everything on your own and you want another strategic mind to bounce ideas off of 24/7.  


Introducing: 24/7 Marketing Retainer

A done-for-you marketing service for busy entrepreneurs who wants support with the execution of their marketing – from content planning, to graphic designing to caption writing along with 24/7 messenger support. 


Esther Bangura, Financial Coach at Boss of My Money

Since Leeon has been managing my content, I’ve tripled my engagement and now have weekly enquiries by potential clients. 

I’ve gained more time in my business to focus on creating other things, coaching my clients along with the peace of mind that my content is planning for the entire month. 

I definitely wished I had signed up for this sooner. 

Meet your Marketing Genie!

Hi there! I’m Leeon.

I love helping business owners add strategy and structure to their marketing so they can spend more time doing what they love! 

Over the last 3 years, I’ve built my own loyal tribe through consistent content creation and a five-figure business using Instagram as my main marketing platforms and I wake up to messages from potential customers everyday.

I’ve also helped solopreneurs from Trinidad and Tobago, United States and the United Kingdom triple their engagement levels, connect with their ideal customers and become thought-leaders in their industries.

Here’s How it will Work!

  1. Once you BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION  we’ll use this call to ensure that this is the best service for you and your business right now.
  2. Once you’re ready to proceed, your spot will be held for 48 hours for you to sign the retainer agreement and make the first payment.
  3. Next, I’ll send you my pre-work document to gain clarity around your business and offer, your ideal audience and your online brand as a part of the foundation for creating content for your business! While you are completing this, I’ll be digging into your Instagram and doing research on your Industry so I can create a game plan to guarantee your marketing Success.
  4. From there, we’ll be ready to get started!

Once we begin your monthly marketing package, you’ll never have to worry about your online content creation ever again. I’ll help you come up with content ideas and a plan of execution.  

Here’s everything that’s included:

Your investment in Marketing Retainer is $300 USD per month with a 3-month minimum commitment.


Tricia Camacho, Patternmaker

I just launched and welcomed 34 new members in one week! My biggest launch to date! 

Leeon helped me prep for the launch! The way that she puts everything together makes it super easy and valuable + I absolutely love working with her. 

Don’t wait any longer to book your spot!

I only accept 1 NEW CLIENT per quarter and I’m currently onboarding new clients for Quarter 1 of 2023. It’s strictly on a first come, first serve basis.

Get the peace of mind and sales that comes with me creating your content for you.

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