Double your biz income + make $2000USD  using your money making stories and non-sleazy selling.

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“I gained 12 new clients with less than 200 Instagram followers. 

I followed the process Leeon taught me inside of 1:1 Coaching and started creating content based on my strengths. 

I love that Leeon never  forced anything on me and worked with my natural strengths to help create content.



“Before the program, I didn’t have a system for content creation and rarely spoke about my offer. After becoming a client, I learned how to strategically create content, which helped me in attracting 2 high-paying clients. I also became more consistent in showing up on Instagram and I felt more confident selling. Leeon’s way of coaching provided the valuable support that I needed, while I learned more about operating an online business.


“Working with Leeon has been a God-sent. I started with zero clients and lots of reasons why I found it hard to commit to creating content on Instagram. 

As the content started rolling out, I received daily enquiries asking about my coaching service and 3 weeks later, I now have 3 clients and have tripled my investment. 

This is surreal. I love how organized and easy Leeon has made it for me to be consistent with my content. 

Attracting only 1-2 clients but not making enough to replace your job salary.
You're making atleast $2000USD in your business and saved up enough to quit your job and go full-time in your business.
Creating content but your DMs are still dry or filled with people who can't afford you.
Receiving weekly messages from potential clients, you tell them your price and their only response is "how soon can we start?"
You set a new goal to show up on social media but then life happens and you end up ghosting your audience AGAIN.
Finally developing a routine that allows you to create content consistently with your full time job.

Here’s what you’re getting inside:


The investment  for 1:1 coaching with Leeon is 1000USD paid in full or 3 payments of 350USD/$2380TTD.



  • Quit their abusive day jobs and go full time in their business.
  • Regained the confidence needed to show up on videos and lives
  • Signed up to 4 new clients in one week.
  • Simplified their offers and increased their prices
  • Started showing up more consistently on social media
  • Became debt free
  • Launched their group program
  • Received speaking opportunities at conferences, workshops, live events, podcasts
  • Identified as a CEO with overall happiness and noticeable renewed energy
  • Gained limitless motivation to work on and in their business
  • Signed their first high paying client (over 1000USD)

Here’s How It Will Work!

  1. Step 1: Book a free sales call with Leeon HERE to find out if 1:1 coaching is the right fit for you and to ask any specific questions you may have

  2. Step 2: Once you’re a good fit and ready to proceed your spot will be reserved for 48 hours so you can sign the coaching agreement and make the first payment.

  3. Step 3: From there, Leeon will contact you to confirm the date for the Kickoff Call where she will confirm the coaching schedule and the dedicated day and time for calls.
  4. Step 4: The coaching begins. You will get access to a Course Portal with 8 completed modules on marketing and selling so you can start your learning along with weekly coaching calls and guidance from Leeon.

Once we begin your coaching experience, you’ll never have to worry about feeling lonely or stuck when it comes to the marketing of your business and attracting dream clients.

I’ll be your strategist, daily hype girl and constant reminder that your wildest dreams are possible  — from the mindset work to content creation to selling confidently and attracting your first high paying client.  

All you’ll have to do is show up and commit to taking action on a weekly basis. 

It’s time to level up and create an online presence that you're proud of!

Select the best day and time below to get started. 

If you scrolled all the way to the bottom and would prefer to chat with me directly before applying, then send me a message on Instagram HERE. I’d love to chat with you.