027| CEO Mindset Jewels with Anna Furu


  1. I’m joined by Anna Furu, Business and Mindset Coach who shares with you some CEO Mindset tips and knowledge to help you scale more in your business while you work less. 
  2. Anna shares how mindset determines 80% of whether you succeed in your business, make money and sign clients. 
  3. She also dived deep on the top limiting beliefs that business owners faced when it comes to running their business such as “I am not good enough”, “I don’t have enough followers”, “No one cares what I have to say”, “People think I’m weird”, “No one takes me seriously”, “I’m not a good coach” and specifically “I am not seeing instant results with the strategy I’m using” or “I am not seeing instant results so I need to change my strategy”. 
  4. She then shared mindset jewels or tips to help you strengthen your CEO Mindset such as “Simplicity – getting a mentor or coach who can give you simple strategies to implement”, “Consistency – following particular strategies for a period of time” and “Abundance mindset – positively reframe your situation to always see the benefit of it”
  5. Specifically for entrepreneurs, she recommended taking messy action in your business and detaching from the outcome. 
  6. When asked what she would tell 2018 Anna that was frustrated, tired and and ready to give up and she said “Don’t give up, it will get better!’.
  7. The one thing Anna does to prevent her from being overwhelmed and hitting burnout is outsourcing and delegating and weekend social media detoxes. 


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Anna is a Mindset and Business Coach based in Sweden that helps other coaches scale their business while working less. She currently offers 1:1 Coaching and Group coaching programs which you can inquire about on her Instagram HERE


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